now blogging from london

Hello from London! It's been three days since I left LA and I already feel very much at home. Our flat in west London's Maida Vale neighborhood is just right and the buildings are all charming my pants off. But the main reason I feel at home is because Joe is here...we're finally together again! I arrived to an unexpectedly warm afternoon and to flowers and trees starting their spring bloom. I was mentally prepared for fog and rain so the bright blue sky was a nice welcome considering I was feeling under the weather myself (yes, I was that person on the flight). Cold aside, we took advantage of the sunny weather to do some quick sight-seeing near the Thames River on Saturday and began our house-hold shopping spree on Sunday. We got a good head start but there's still much more to do. It's an interesting thing to have to start from scratch but Joe can tell you the horror stories on that since he did most of the leg work before I arrived.

I'm so thankful for him and our new home. It's perfect for us sans not having a proper shower. I was going to take photos of it this morning but there were building painters working on our windows. Oh well, all the more to share with you later this week! The photo above is of Joe walking down our street, Castellain Road. More to come! xoxo