ULA is in the bag, now on to moving!

Phew it's been a while! Well, the craziness that was Unique Los Angeles is over and I couldnt be happier with the experience. It was awesome to show my bags and necklaces to people outside of my personal network and get such positive feedback. Learned ALOT for any future events, met some great people, and most importantly had a blast.

I have never had to make bags by a deadline before so it was certainly interesting to make it all happen. Basically had my parents on an assembly line helping out with whatever they could! Thank god they are the most supportive people in the world and would do anything for me. Couldnt have done it without them - and my boyfriend Joe for the constant support!

Set up to make 60 new bags so I could a have a solid inventory but only managed to finish 20. Worked out okay because they all fit perfectly on the table. Now I have more to finish at my leisure and that makes very happy :)

Unfortunately (and fortunately for my bank account) I didn't get to do any shopping from the other vendors but did do a quick lap and there were some AMAZING things to choose from. My favorites were SucculentLOVE and Dewi. Joe got me a little succulent and I cant wait to put it in my new little loft.

Yep, I'm moving to Downtown LA (FINALLY!!!) this Saturday and I cant stop thinking about all the ways I can possibly decorate and enjoy my new space. Yiipppeeeee!!!!!!

WARNING: gushing decorating/new home posts may occur