a hop and a skip away {toledo}

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toledo train station city of toledo from the old town above castle-like wall next to a home tall guy in a narrow walkway nice tile detail in awe one of the many cathedrals in town the famous toledo bridge

We were back in Madrid for a friend's wedding and had some time to kill before the ceremony. Instead of hanging around the city, we decided to take advantage of its close proximity to other destinations and hopped on a high-speed train for a quick escape to Toledo (just thirty minutes away!).

The sleepy town was buzzing with tourists yet we still found solace in its many narrow and winding walkways. Since we only had a few hours to explore, we didn't make it into any of the museums or cathedrals. Instead we spontaneously walked about and avoided staying on the main paths. Our rule is to turn where no other tourist turns and to eat where you see at least one local old man chilling at the bar. I swear, we've eaten some great inexpensive food this way while other people stay in the main plaza eating OKAY food at tourist prices. Or worse, eating Subway or McDonald's (why even travel?).

I am guilty of one "bad tourist" thing though, I didn't read up on the city so I can't share anything of academic value in this post. All I can say is that it was a tranquil and charming little town on a hill that was a perfect break from the bustling city of Madrid.