a san francisco treat

Happy Tuesday. To share bits from my weekend in SF I considered playing with these shots on photoshop but 1)  I've gotta head out to work  and 2) I like them as they are, with gloom and all.

We were all about town but ultimately spent most of our time in The Mission district. I'd really love to explore that neighborhood more. For some reason it felt the most like home in a Downtown LA meets Echo Park kind of way.

Here are our dining picks from the weekend and perhaps yours too if you find yourself in this gorgeous city!

Pork Store Cafe, Haight - amazing avocado blt and french fries that were like in-n-out's but thicker. Breakfast is what they're most known for so I'm already looking forward to another visit.

Mr. Pollo, The Mission - a "must go to" ever since I saw it featured on the Food Network's "Best Thing I Ever Ate: best bang for your buck" episode. They weren't kidding... the $15 chef's tasting menu was perfection. And, it turned out to be a take on Colombian food so it was even better (link to pics at end of the post).

Humphry Slocombe, The Mission - all natural ice cream? I'm there. Everyone was there actually. This tiny place seems to serve 10 people a minute and once you taste one of their home-made scoops you'll understand why. I never knew that bourbon and cornflakes would go so well together! I could eat that for breakfast everyday.

Heart, The Mission - the most perfect wine bar and small plates restaurant. We devoured a mortadella and blue cheese with cardamom honey plate. Wine by the glass was well priced and the ambiance was exactly what we were going for. Casual communal tables juxtaposed with local fine art lining the walls made this spot more than just a bar. It had, well, heart.

Nordstrom Cafe Bistro, Union Square-ish - as a former Nordies girl I have a sweet spot for shopping and dining there. With the weather being what it was, the top floor restaurant was perfect for a long and relaxing lunch. The crab bisque soup hit the spot but as a butter lover, I was more obsessed with the parmesan and butter-soaked crostini it was paired with.

We did manage to do other things besides eat...see more photos here!