{about town} camden lock

the canal in actionmaking an entrance great collection of boots at Berty and Gerty vintage looking towards the canal the stables welcome you hand-crafted leather accessories vintage inside the stables packed full. the way I like it. an excelent collection of vintage suitcases, stacked up high

I've visited Camden Lock twice now and I must say that going on a weekday is the way to do it if you can swing it. Without the crazy crowds blocking everything in sight you can fully soak in what this hub of markets has to offer: independent designers and shops, antiques, quality street food from around the world, and a unique setting.

While the majority of non-craft stalls are reminiscent of cheapy Venice Beach and Melrose Avenue merchandise, there are some gems to be found if you wind your way through The Stables. I loved seeing a leather accessories maker pounding away at his craft, finding a great little rug made in India, and of course, coming upon the antique underground hall with its selective group of vendors. Prices weren't as marked up as you'd expect for a tourist destination but the downside is that most antique stalls only open on the weekends.

During my last visit I was tempted to dig through racks of vintage clothing but ultimately felt that I didn't have the patience for it like I used to. It was a sad moment of realization but I perked up when I came across a great bin of old photos that kept me entertained for ten minutes.

I ended up taking 15 or so vintage landscape photos home with me along with a bar of natural homemade soap, and a bow tie that I have DIY plans for. Should that project turn out well you'll see a proud and glittery post about it. Should it fail...well, it may get an honorable mention somewhere. Also, I'll be sure to go back to Berty and Gerty for boots come fall (pictured above). They have an incredible selection that is very easy to comb through. Actually, no combing is necessary :)

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