always moving forward

Los Angeles sunset I'm sure you've already noticed but ever since the New Year my posts have been a bit irregular. 2013 has brought a total different focus for me and it unfortunately takes time away from blogging like I did before. I love blogging but I think that instead of creating daily/weekly content, I want to go back to simply sharing thoughts and experiences as I go along. It may not be the best for readership consistency but I've realized that it's what needs to happen in order to keep enjoying the blog while enjoying my work and free time.

There are so many amazing blogs out there constantly sharing DIYs, style collages, quotes of the week, pinterest picks, etc., and I don't need to be one of them...just need to be me. So, while I had fun creating the Words Worth Repeating series and other creative plays like Let's, Friday Pic & Pin, and Monthly Mixtapes, I will no longer do them on a regular basis or at all. I guess I'm still figuring out what I will do outside of just writing and sharing my photographs but even if the answer is "that's it, just write and share photographs" that will be alright by me.

With this new change will come a new direction and possibly a new voice for the blog. Travels and personal stories will still be at center stage but I'm sure plenty of entrepreneur related thoughts and shares will come about. I expect to lose some readers and gain some because of it. It happened when we moved to London and again when we moved to Kuala Lumpur. Some people want to hear all about English and European charm while others are drawn to what's going on in jungle town way South East. If you dig both and everything in between, then you are my kind of people. I understand that every chapter of my life can't be interesting to everyone, including starting a new business, but if you hang around you'll see that this book is only gonna get better ;) And hey, I'm still all over Pinterest andInstagram for your visual pleasure.

The photo above was taken in LA during my trip in January when everything with Ring Cozy became real. I was going for it and there was no turning back...