... and i'm back, kinda

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I meant to write, I really did. But between long days of travel, a new client's rush job, and enjoying bits of London on the side, my poor blog was left behind. With only three full days in town I didn't get up to too much but the little that Joe and I did do together was simply perfect. We were ecstatic to be home again. From feeling the naturally cold air on our faces after stepping off the plane (no AC!) to taking out our Oyster Cards and riding the tube - we relished every moment that indicated we were back in London. I didn't even take my camera out once because I was so happy being back and feeling as if we had never left. Strangely I felt more excited to be "home" in London than I did when I was back in Los Angeles (yes, former Ms. LA can't believe she said that, too). LA, I realized, is the type of home where my family and friends are and where the things I grew up with will always be. But London...sigh...I can't even put into words what it does for me. It's just a bad-ass city. Period.

I was due back in KL today but yesterday's flight via Abu Dhabi was delayed by five hours and would have left me with an eighteen hour layover (yuck!). Joe had a later flight straight to Abu Dhabi to stay for business so by the time he arrived at the airport I was able to change my ticket to join him. Might as well stay with him one extra day in a hotel rather than see what the airline would have figured out for me! So, now I'm in the UAE until Friday morning. I went from the jungle, to a cold island, to the desert - all in a matter of days. I totally tripped out when I looked outside of the airplane's window and saw nothing but sand. And then I freaked out when I realized that I had nothing but sweaters in my luggage! I guess that means that I'll have to go shopping...I wouldn't want to die of a heat stroke or anything. But first, lots and lots of coffee. I feel like I could sleep for days but I'll power through...gotta make the most of this unexpected trip!