{appropriately named} paradise cove in malibu

I don't even know where to start. Our family day at Paradise Cove in Malibu was seriously perfect (I'm still pinching myself). It was the eve of the Fourth of July so the place was packed when we got there, completely buzzing with good humor and fun in the sun. Heck, even Lindsay Lohan was enjoying the afternoon until the paparazzi came and forced her to bail!

We grubbed on crazy amounts of fried goodness and fresh seafood tacos, introduced my nieces Juliana and Isabella to the sensation of sand between their toes, and I ran after Juliana while she chased her new friends, the seagulls. It didn't take long after my sister and brother-in-law dipped the girls' toes into the ocean water for them to feel at home...they loved it albeit it being freezing.

I can't believe that I'd never been to this stretch of So Cal sand before. I'd driven past the entrance dozens of times but never did I imagine that such a little oasis existed. The cafe and restaurant are two great dining options, public lounge chairs and day beds make the visit comfortable, and the quiet waters are perfect for relaxing. Because it is a private beach, you can drink alcohol by BYOB or ordering bottles from the cafe! It's no wonder that the atmosphere there is so great - people are much happier and nicer when they've got booze in their hands!

Even though Paradise Cove has been around for a long time, I felt like we were lucky to have "discovered" it that day. If you ever find yourself driving through Malibu on PCH, make it a point to stop at the Cove. It's too special to miss.