{around town} chow kit

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On Saturday we ventured out to one of the city's oldest areas, Chow Kit, and visited the local market. A guide book that we have described it as "the real Malaysia" and if you take away the fancy sky scrapers, glitzy malls and modern groceries of KL, things definitely get more real. We made the mistake of going during the middle of the day as it was unbearably hot but we managed to walk through the maze like setting quite a bit, snack on some fried goodies, and get a feel for the prices - we'll most certainly be going back to stock up on fruits and veggies! However, I will stay clear of the meat and fish section. The older I get the more squeamish I'm becoming about seeing certain things ... I basically told Joe that we had to get out of there before I decided to become a vegetarian! Thankfully that section is easy to avoid and I can focus on fresh pineapples, watermelon, and tons of strange/beautiful looking fruit and sweets I have yet to try.