Bespoke for the boyfriend

After miserably failing to find the perfect fitting dress shirt in traditional brick-and-mortar stores, the boyfriend turned to Google for the hunt.

What he found was Proper Cloth, a site that makes custom men's shirts right here in America. Joe was so excited about the discovery that you would have thought it was Christmas and there were fifty gifts under the tree all with his name on them. It was truly adorable.

We were really impressed with the site - the copy is witty, hip, and the service is easy. You set up an account, submit your measurements, select the fabric and styles (cuff, collars, etc) and then wait for your bespoke shirt to be mailed to you within several weeks.

The packaging was impeccable and I love that the first thing you see is an embossed shirt box that reads "Handcrafted in America" (hell yeah!). Enclosed with the shirt was a letter from Proper Cloth's founder written with the type of humor and wit that makes you wish you could "write like that" ... a very nice touch.

Needless to say, all expectations for fit, quality, and service were met and they've got a customer for life. Maybe I'll give them a try...I don't think it says men only anywhere on the site ;)