Can't eat, can't sleep

Well, not really but it's that kind of love that I have for this house.

Over one year ago I was driving down the street where this beauty resides when I literally slammed on the breaks and reversed so that I could take a picture of it (yeah, I do stuff like that but I know what I like when I see it!).

Last month, a local Pasadena magazine featured the home in an article and I instantly fell in love, like, crazy in love. The funny thing is that the article only showed interior shots such as the one pictured above. It also noted the name of the house as the Alson Clark Studio and Residence.

A quick google search later and I come to realize that it's the exact same house that I took a picture of over one year ago!!!

It's meant to be...

(and yes, this is the house pictured in my recent "fin de semana" post. Not a stalker, we were just in the area :) )