always moving forward

Los Angeles sunset I'm sure you've already noticed but ever since the New Year my posts have been a bit irregular. 2013 has brought a total different focus for me and it unfortunately takes time away from blogging like I did before. I love blogging but I think that instead of creating daily/weekly content, I want to go back to simply sharing thoughts and experiences as I go along. It may not be the best for readership consistency but I've realized that it's what needs to happen in order to keep enjoying the blog while enjoying my work and free time.

There are so many amazing blogs out there constantly sharing DIYs, style collages, quotes of the week, pinterest picks, etc., and I don't need to be one of them...just need to be me. So, while I had fun creating the Words Worth Repeating series and other creative plays like Let's, Friday Pic & Pin, and Monthly Mixtapes, I will no longer do them on a regular basis or at all. I guess I'm still figuring out what I will do outside of just writing and sharing my photographs but even if the answer is "that's it, just write and share photographs" that will be alright by me.

With this new change will come a new direction and possibly a new voice for the blog. Travels and personal stories will still be at center stage but I'm sure plenty of entrepreneur related thoughts and shares will come about. I expect to lose some readers and gain some because of it. It happened when we moved to London and again when we moved to Kuala Lumpur. Some people want to hear all about English and European charm while others are drawn to what's going on in jungle town way South East. If you dig both and everything in between, then you are my kind of people. I understand that every chapter of my life can't be interesting to everyone, including starting a new business, but if you hang around you'll see that this book is only gonna get better ;) And hey, I'm still all over Pinterest andInstagram for your visual pleasure.

The photo above was taken in LA during my trip in January when everything with Ring Cozy became real. I was going for it and there was no turning back...


uniqbrow sunglassesI love creative people. I love entrepreneurs. I love ingenuity and I especially love it when people do something about it.

Uniqubrow is exhibit A. Not content with having to buy different glasses for different styles and moods, my buddy Andrew and his team in Barcelona set off to change how we rock our shades with one single pair of lens and multiple frames.

I'm so excited for their new venture. It's a big task to take on the eye wear industry but they're definitely on to something great. They have just FOUR DAYS to go to reach their funding goal on IndieGoGo so head on over there, give them some love for being so ingenious, and get a nice reward or two in return.

And if you know any shade lovers who might be interested in their own Uniqubrows then please, do pass it along!

end of year wishes

end of year wishes I'm signing off for 2012 but before I go I want to wish you and yours a beautiful holiday and happy new year. Thanks again for sharing this year's moments with me, professionally and personally. Can't wait to see what we get into in 2013. Lots of love.... ciao!!!

friday pic & pin

friday pic & pin by Anamu 25 Happy Friday, guys. For those of you who celebrated Thanksgiving - are you still totally stuffed? Can you please overnight some yummy leftovers? Pretty please?

As you can probably tell, I didn't have much time to plan a feast of our own but maybe we'll come up with something over the weekend. If not, I will definitely be getting crafty and will start decorating for Christmas. A little DIY I did for autumn was a flower votive using a ball of cotton twine - I know, so stupid simple but I love it!  You can see where I got the inspiration + more photos over at Poppytalk (plus check out their Black Friday & Cyber Monday handmade deals)

Cheers to the holiday season, I hope you have a wonderful weekend!

This week's three rad links...

• tips for flying with a toddler

• get over your DSLR camera freight and get the holiday photos you really want

• a gift guide that gives twice + i'm now officially obsessed with LemLem. love the way they're making Ethiopian textiles look and feel so current.

(image left: autumn centerpiece DIY by Ana Maria Muñoz, right: Pin via Honey of a Thousand Flowers)

the little things

Untitledflowers 5 flowers 3 flowers 3

There's nothing like fresh flowers to make a home come to life and to put a smile on your face. I'm really loving these yellow petals from the weekend - they've made my entire week! That and Joe making Baklava last night ... he's such a keeper.

happy friday!

northandsouth From LA to Anchorage and then back again, it's been an incredible two weeks visiting  friends, family and re-connecting with my beloved hometown. It's now time to go back to London and I actually can't wait...I miss our flat! After sleeping on six different beds (seven for Joe) I am definitely ready to not be a nomad for a bit and just be home. It has been strange to refer to London as our home but that's what it is right now and I wouldn't have it any other way. LA will always be my number one but fortunately this world is big and awesome enough to spread the love around.

Catch you on the other side! Have a wonderful weekend!

(images: top- hillside, anchorage, bottom - manhattan beach, los angeles)


london down

london We've checked off nearly every box on my mom's London list so today we're off to Spain to visit Barcelona and Madrid. She's never been to either and Barcelona will be new to me too - can't wait!

don't be grey + {brilliant beats} arcade fire

southbank bunting[youtube]

I woke up to the gloomiest skies I've yet seen. I'm talking thick and heavy fog. I won't let the grey get me down though, there is too much to be thankful for today.

The song, Haiti, by Arcade Fire was the first thing that came to mind this morning. I just love the ethereal melodies that make you feel as if you're floating on air in utter happiness. It's strange to get this sensation from a song about struggles in Haiti but I guess the feelings of peace and hope are exactly what the band was going for.

Here's to a great day, make it yours.


happy friday!

lazy cat At the risk of sounding blasphemous in a blogosphere where cat ladies seem to rule, I'm pretty indifferent about the little meowsters. BUT, I couldn't resist taking a photo of this lazy one. This little dude knows how to live and I think I'm going to try to follow his lead this weekend...especially if today's thunderstorm is any indication of what's ahead.

I'm sure that this weather will feel normal at some point but for now I feel like I'm getting the lucky excuse to stay inside cuddled up all day. I mean, we only get like 5 of those weekends per year in LA!

Maybe I'll go out to buy some rain boots, or Wellies, but I definitely wouldn't mind spending more time playing around on Photoshop and Illustrator. If you haven't noticed by my random burst of graphics on some posts, I'm kind of a graphic designer wannabe. So please humor (and possibly forgive) me while I experiment and learn the ways.

Have a wonderful weekend and remember, do as the kitty does!

Here are this week's three rad links:

• Fancy fashion illustrations are now on sale here (via Disney Roller Girl) • How Anglepoise Lamps came to be via Design Sponge (you know, those vintage swivel desk lamps...) • Warning: this video by Mike Matas may cause extreme wanderlust. He's also behind this really amazing technology for digital magazines.

What American Apparel was to Hipsters, J. Crew is to me

Hello, my name is Ana Maria and I'm a J. Crew-aholic. I've always been a fan of the brand but in the last couple of years two key things have happened: they've amped up their style (thank you Mickey Drexler and Jenna Lyons) and I'm finally able to afford bits and pieces from their collections.

Being a sucker for classically styled looks that blend tom-boyish charm with feminine sensibilities, I find their quality hard to resist. The fact that I know I will want to wear each piece for years to come makes buying from them even easier. And can we talk about their catalog photography?! The on-location ones never fail to please.

J. Crew's latest catalog, Gone Hollywood, was shot all around LA: the Hollywood sign, Beverly Hills, Paramount Studios, and Chateau Marmont. I literally drooled at the sight of this sneak peek via the LA Times last week.

Yesterday, I learned about their new documentary About a Shoe. It follows members of the J. Crew design team to Italy as they visit and work with their shoe manufacturer. The film is beautifully made and I absolutely love that they pay credit to the shoe artisans who have been working their craft for generations.

Needless to say this makes me love my leather ballet flats even more...It's pretty ridiculous how excited I get about their collections, catalogs, and now movies. They've got me. They've really got me.