Central Coast lovin'

 Joe and I snuck away for 24 hours to spend some time up north in Cambria and Paso Robles. We had originally planned to be there three days and two nights but we came back early so we could check out the Apartment 3/Unique LA store opening. In hindsight, we should have stayed on vacation mode since we arrived at the party too exhausted to party anyway (sorry baby, thanks for driving!).

For the small amount of time we did have we managed to see and do a lot. From the world's best cinnamon rolls in Pismo Beach, to beachside bike riding in Cambria, and wine tasting in Templeton, we had the perfect mini-getaway.

It was the first time I had ever really explored parts of the Central Coast and I fell completely in love. For some reason I've recently been enamored with countrysides, small towns, old towns, and simple beach communities. Perhaps it's because places like Cambria are polar opposites from my dwellings Downtown or maybe I'm just getting older and am finally appreciating the slower pace of things. Either way, the trip was incredible and for the next visit I know exactly what antique stores I'm going to carve out an entire day for. One just wasn't enough.

And yes, I sported the Like a Gem Anamu necklace throughout the entire trip. It's been my favorite lately!