... "The only risk is wanting to stay." This is one of the new tourism campaign slogans and it's perfect. Colombia has such a bad rep from the Escobar times of the past and the guerrilla warfare but in all honesty, things are just that ... in the past. Of course there's still unrest but it's so remote and isolated that it's almost comparable to living in LA or any major city: you know where not to walk by yourself late at night. Stepping off my soap box ... Colombia was great. I've been there several times (Pereira where my family lives, specifically) so I didn't do much sight seeing or activities this time around. This trip was about being with family and mission was accomplished. Got some quality moments with the grandparents, aunts, cousins, and I miss them already.

Can't wait to return but next time I'll swing by the capitol, Bogota, and the coast of Santa Marta where the women of the Wayuu Indians weave incredible textiles (and the beaches there are gorgeous).

Some photos to share!

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