Conscious shopping. Just my size.

Very excited that ANAMU is featured in the Conscious Shopping section of The Great American Apparel Diet!

I don't know if I could go without buying ANY apparel items  for one year but I do know that I can shop in a responsible manner.

What exactly does that mean? Responsible/conscious shopping can mean different things to different people but when it comes to apparel, for me its about buying pieces that:

- I truly adore and will use for years to come

- complement my existing wardrobe in multiple ways

- demonstrate style vs. trends and fashion. The latter are fading and cause for more consumption (Forever 21's fast-fashion anyone?)

- are made locally or in the US

- use sustainable materials (vintage, reclaimed, organic...)

- have quality construction and are timeless if buying from non-eco or  non-independent options

- inform of the following as much as possible:

WHO - who made it?

WHAT - what is it made out of?

WHERE - where is it made?

HOW - how is it made?

This shopping philosophy began after I left my job at Nordstrom my junior year of college.  I thought about all of the clothes I had bought simply because of the great discount or because they were in-fashion. This made me sick. A ton of money spent and a tired wardrobe of trendy items that I could care less about.

At that moment I vowed to think about my purchases and what they mean to me, my life, and to the lives of those who make and sell them. I've never looked back and have loved my wardrobe ever since.

Kudos to all of the TGAAD participants, you are rock stars!