Crafty Saturday downtown

It's been too long since I spent a day downtown. Thankfully I had an excuse to go. Needed to buy some jewelry and bag supplies and as always, my friend Jose at the bead store knew how to up sell me - I can't go in there with a budget because it immediately gets thrown out the window. He's going to drill holes in some vintage brass pieces for me and I can't wait to pick them up next Saturday!

Also waiting for me next weekend will be a custom-made tank by Apliiq. Joe of 213 etc took me to Apliiq's workshop where the customer is the designer. I picked out (unknowingly but not surprisingly) a vintage fabric for Ethan, the owner, to cut and sew patches onto my selected tank with.


Even though I could do it myself, it's nice to support someone that's taking a simple concept and creating a new shopping experience with it. I had a lot of fun seeing what he does and has to offer.

The rest of the day consisted of lunch at Blu LA Cafe (delicious portaballo burger on brioche bread) and some perusing at the Renegade Craft Fair. Perfect day, absolutely perfect.