desperate times call for desperate measures

IMG_4476 Up until this week we had been buying England's best attempt at tortillas from our local grocery store. We were definitely settling since the available pickings either resemble pita breads or corn-y sheets of cardboard.

On Monday, however, our lives were forever changed. We were craving tacos (yes, again) and we didn't have any more tortillas. Joe, being the brilliant man that he is, lit up with the suggestion that we simply make our own. I. Was. Game.

We found this super easy recipe and spent no more than ten minutes between prep and cooking. At the first sampling of our homemade flour tortillas we literally high-fived and giggled like little school girls because we were so happy to have our delicious food staple back. Using seasoning mix from the care package and some toppings that were on-hand, we assembled our tacos and got ready to chow down.

We took our first bites and the words "talk to you in fifteen minutes" were the last spoken for a good while. It was THAT satisfying.

London felt much more like home that night.