family heirlooms

Before I say anything else can we please take a moment to acknowledge Joe's Flock of Seagulls tribute? Yeah, that hair would have made the ladies swoon in the 80's.

Hair aside, we did go back in time a bit while at his folks' house. I looked through his childhood photos and smarty-pants school report cards while he played with his dad's old Polaroid cameras. Pat and Ed have some great antiques but I really fell for his grandma's Singer sewing machine table. I've always wanted one so when his mom asked if we wanted to take it with us it broke my heart to have to say "some other time". It's moments like that when I wish we were settled in one place rather than living in a temporary state with a storage unit on standby. The thought doesn't creep up often but since I do dream of decorating our own home one day something as special as the Singer table is bound to make me long for a more permanent space. I know it'll eventually happen and that in the meantime the table isn't going anywhere. We'll continue to have our adventures and then at some point we'll settle down, sit back, and enjoy our family treasures. They're worth the wait.