Fin de semana

On Saturday I met with a professional pattern maker and I'm so excited about all of the possibilities for taking ANAMU to the next level. She had some great recommendations for streamlining my processes and even making the bags themselves feel and look less DIY. What is most exciting is that I could potentially focus solely on design and the business side of things while contracting a local seamstress to take care of the sewing. Sewing takes up a serious amount of time and though I enjoy it, I'd be okay passing it off.

After my meeting I stopped by the Steven Alan Outpost in Los Feliz to celebrate their launch of carrying Les Morceaux jewelry. This hot new line is designed by a new friend and Downtown LA neighbor and I'm SO excited to see her getting such great buzz!

Spent the rest of the day cutting new scarves at home and thinking about what's next for ANAMU. I swear, I think I stood staring at all of my scarves, scraps, and fabrics for half an hour...literally just standing there and thinking.

Thankfully the boyfriend and I had planned a sunset dinner at our favorite Manhattan Beach sushi spot (otherwise I could work until the cows come home and forget to eat!). It was so relaxing and yummy... the perfect end to a busy day.

On Mother's Day I spent most of it playing with my niece Juliana. She was very fond of my bracelets so I'm taking that as a sign that she's going to be all about accessories as she gets older. Already a girl of her auntie mu's heart!