Fin de semana

It was Craft-a-palooza at the Renegade Craft Fair held at the LA State Historic Park over the weekend. Being that it was down the street, there was no way I was going to miss it. Joe tagged along but since it was so busy and warm, he opted to lounge in the shade under a tree while I braved the crowded booths; I'll share my highlights in a separate post.

Post fair we rode "the chopper" to Urth Cafe for a refreshing lunch and later headed out to Pasadena for a free concert in the park with Very Be Careful, a local band that plays Colombian cumbia and vallenato music. My mom and dad joined us and we nostalgically talked about the lively Colombian culture and the so-bad-for-you-its-good food that's available on every street corner there. It was the perfect event to share with them and Joe. Now we just need to take Joe there so he can experience Colombia for himself and understand what we're always talking about!