it happens


I was in such a funk yesterday with domestic matters. I was tired with the lack of internet in our apartment and annoyed that our bed linens had to be ironed because the two-in-one washer/dryer does nothing but create accordion pleats (all you people with fluffy tumble dryers - appreciate them, please!). Very trivial stuff, I know, but when I'm in a new country, in a new home, and I'm spending most of the day alone - I need the internet...and soft sheets. I need the internet's familiarity, the connection to friends and family, the ability to work, and last but not least, the silly but oh so valuable social pick-me-ups that it gives me via twitter and instagram. I remember feeling this exact way in London during the first month so I'm not surprised that it's happening again. The hardest part of moving is getting the technical details sorted so that we can have a comfortable home base. At least this time I know from past experience that any frustrations are temporary, or you at least find ways to deal with them. Once we get connected at home I'm searching for a local fluff and fold delivery service - I'm not putting that much elbow grease into those sheets again. Nuh uh.


Update: our internet was installed this afternoon - HURRAHHH!!! I grinned like a total dork when my homepage loaded. Plus, I re-designed yesterday's words worth repeating - I really shouldn't design when I'm in a funk...much happier now.