getting started

LA Hi guys, how was your weekend? As you can probably tell, I wont be posting daily while I'm here in LA but I will check in often.

It's been non-stop since I arrived but it's already been an eye-opening several days with the feedback I've received. It's exciting to end each day with new insights about improving a sample or a strategy, for example, but also equally terrifying to think that there's so much more that I don't know and will need to figure out as I go along.

That's the beauty of the process I suppose.  Everything comes together with each step you take and before you know it, you've got a long trail full of experiences behind you. Have you ever looked at a completed to-do list from a past project and thought "wow, at one point all of these items looked so overwhelming!"? It's at that moment when you can really see how far you've come. I love that part of creating makes everything and anything seem possible as long as you take it step by step.

Today will probably be spent standing in more lines than I'd like but at least I'll have the California sun and blue skies to keep me company as I zip from here to there. This weather is exactly why I once thought that I'd never leave LA. But since I did leave, it's really amusing to hear and see everyone freaking out about it getting below 50 degrees. I guess my adopted London blood is still with me after nine months but we'll see if it wears off by the end of this trip. Either way, it's nice to feel something other than balmy for a change :)