Gone campin'

Though we love living Downtown, sometimes you just need to get back to nature. At first we talked about going up to Northern California, Wyoming, and some other obvious mountain destinations but then we remembered that we have some great options just a few hours away - hello Sierras!

Just shy of Mammoth is Big Pine, where we booked two nights at a campsite and made our home amongst the chipmunks. I had been craving horseback riding so we signed up for a day-pack into the John Muir wilderness. It was BEAUTIFUL but as the day wore on, our butts got sore, the heat and wind picked up, and it was less and less enjoyable. It was a rough ride going downhill on the rocky and narrow trails but I'd do it again in a heartbeat.

The scenery, the scents, and the company (chipmunks) were incredible. There is truly nothing like being in the great outdoors and I'm SO thankful that these national parks exist for us to enjoy.