gone summering

LA Palms Graphic Well, not really. We're off to LA today and though I'll be there for the rest of the summer, I definitely won't be summering the entire time - this girl has some a lot of biznaz to take care of!

Of course there will be some pleasure mixed in: attending a wedding, visiting the in-laws in Alaska, catching up with friends, and sneaking in play time to indulge in a So Cal summer.

Part of me can't wait and another part is seriously sad to leave my home in KL. It's strange to feel like my first home (LA) is not my main home anymore. For the first time since moving, I'm thinking of all the things that I'll miss in Malaysia rather than anxiously looking forward to everything in LA. Of course I'm crazy excited about getting face-time with my favorite people, and eating my heart out with the foods I often crave, but home is really where the heart is and my heart is always with Joe (cue cheese ball alert, I know) who will only be there with me for a bit. The extended stay is necessary for what I need to get done, and I know that it'll be great and totally worth it in end in more ways than one, I'm just being a total love sap.

So, LA - my first home and love - here I come!!!


Photo graphic by Ana Maria Muñoz