hallo berlin

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Berlin really captured my heart - what an incredible place full of history and relevance. I went for business but wish that I would have had more time for play and exploration.

The free time I did have was spent enjoying drinks, eating proper German food, and making our way through Mitte via rented bicycles. While we didn't go into any museums or monuments, we got a great feel for the city's center by passing by the Reichstag, Berlin Dom, and Brandenburg Gate. What I would really love to do is go back with a purely historical agenda. I saw different parts of the Berlin wall around town and we drank our morning cappuccinos next to Checkpoint Charlie but I want to explore more. Joe's uncle was stationed at Checkpoint Charlie during the Cold War and us being there, just sitting, looking at it, was absolutely crazy. Berlin has so many stories to tell and I want to hear them all.

Oh, and their taxis are super comfy Mercedes.

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