happy friday!

Dear Sun,

After this weekend's wedding in Madrid, Joe and I will become your ultimate worshipers during our holiday in Sicily. I honestly can't recall a time when I've been so excited to lay out and soak up your warm rays. I've really taken you for granted, Sunshine. Even during our beloved trips to Palm Springs I never fully realized how amazing you feel. I guess LA's warm climate can be blinding but it's become clear (well...gloomy) now that I live in London. I've missed you and promise to never take your bright and cheerful energy for granted again.

See you soon.

Love, Me

It's official, we're on our first full holiday in Europe (woo hoo!). I'm signing off until Monday, August 8 but you can bet that I'll be back with tons of photos to share. Until then, join me on twitter @anamu to see what we're up to...pending wi-fi, of course.

Have a wonderful weekend and week to come!