happy friday!

first time baker This week was full of little yet amazing (to me) accomplishments but nothing took the cake like making my first batch of cupcakes from scratch. I've been a store-bought cake mix kind of girl my whole life and frankly, baking terrified me to no end.

As you can tell from the photo, I made a mess by using more bowls than I ever really needed. I even thought that "self raising flour" was a substitute for baking powder! Whoops. Joe, of course, had a good laugh but he eventually came to my rescue by acting as my human mixer. The results were de.li.cious!

Here's to trying new things this weekend! Have a good one!

This week's three rad links: • Andrea of Lotus Events asked me to shoot photos for her London Shop Tour posts on Poppytalk. Check out the first one in the series here. Thanks, Andrea! • Yummy zucchini fritters by Smitten Kitchen • Home-made shower scrub via Mrs. Lilien