happy friday!

hooray for fall! The last time I experienced real autumn weather was when I did a semester at the University of Rhode Island. The fall foliage blew my mind and I'm starting to feel the exact same way this time around in London. The park and streets in our neighborhood are covered in fallen leaves every morning and it's pretty ridiculous how much pleasure I get out of hearing crunch, crunch, crunch beneath my feet as I walk along.

I can't wait for my mom to experience autumn in London with me!

Have a fantastic weekend, everyone. Get out there and enjoy the season!

This week's three rad links... • CicLAvia happens in LA this Sunday. Cycle, walk, play in the city streets - it's the most AMAZING thing I ever did at home, read why here. • It's getting cold and I need these to keep warm - beautiful vintage kantha quilts via Wit & Delight • Touching logo tribute to Steve Jobs via Bored Panda. He was such a gift to this world.