happy friday!

gone to marrakech!

Who says you need a full week or two to do something fun? We used to go to Palm Springs for our quick getaways but now we're headed to a new oasis and I couldn't be more excited! I won't let the fact that the forecast calls for cloudy skies and rain dampen my spirit - I'm sure the colors, flavors, and lively market squares will keep me smiling no matter what.

Can't wait to capture all of the details and share them with you next week. Until then have a wonderful weekend!

Here are this week's three rad links...

• do you nerd out over design freebies? if so, these handy icons will be your godsend via SimpleSong

• my girl Meg and her non-profit Art Feeds were given an amazing gift on abc's Extreme Home Makeover. so proud of her!

• dream big. don't mind if i do. loved this post by Rena Tom for Poppytalk

....and because i've got to plug my own thangs too: i added a few new vintage goodies to the shop. enjoy!

image: colorful doors near columbia road, london