happy friday!

The greatest thing happened this week: I felt totally over-dressed (and hot) in my now default down-feather jacket. This is a big deal because for the past several months I've done nothing but thank my lucky stars every time I stepped outside and felt the cold on my face but nada on my upper body. It's a pretty amazing jacket but I may not need it much longer since...ta da...spring is just around the corner! For the first time in my life I can legitimately feel the excitement of a new season. A warmer and brighter season. I know that it's not saying much being in London but I do recall some incredible days last year when I first arrived. Can't wait to welcome them back with open arms...and open toed shoes ;)

Have a great (and hopefully warm) weekend!

This week's three rad links:

• i left the states with a major craving for cinnabons. i just might need to give this yummy recipe a shot via joy the baker • love chupa chups? you may also love reading about salvador dali's greatest masterpiece, the chupa chup logo/wrapper via codesign • the march issue of standard magazine is out and guess what - a goodie from the pond market is featured! can you spot it in this glitzy spread?


(image: wellies along a public footpath in tavistock, england)