happy friday!

I hope you all had a good week and are ready for a few days of fun and rest. I'm going to check out the Bermondsey Antiques Market today (though I'm already late since it opens at 5am!) but the rest of the weekend I hope to relax, meet with friends, and do whatever suits my mood.

One thing this week that was an instant mood booster was receiving a silk cushion cover that I screen printed at designer Clarissa Hulse's studio with the gals of Dalani, a new premium home decor sales site. I was so excited when Lynne invited me to join her since I've always wanted to get my hands dirty with screen printing. I went bold and bright and it turned out to be just what our neutral sofa needed! Just in time to complement the rays of sunshine coming through the windows, too.

Whether you stay in to enjoy your home, hit the town to explore, or do a little of both, I hope you have a great weekend. See you on Monday!

This week's three rad links: • Easter egg brilliance - a new way to dye using old neckties!!! via Put This On • Go ahead, be a quitter, a multipotentialite, or a renaissance dude/dudette. This article really resonated with me, especially after having shared this. via Life After College • BIG thanks and much love to Jessica for having me on Eco Salon this week as a "Reader We Heart". Click on over for my thoughts on living in London, inspirations, and favorite flea markets!