happy friday {and week to come}!

be back soon Wow - thank you so much for the awesome dose of love, enthusiasm and support for yesterday's news! I seriously can't wait to continue sharing, learning, and growing with you all. As a work-from-home expat I'm so thankful to have this online community of fellow bloggers, readers, travelers, best-life seekers, and all around sweet and inspiring people. I may never get to meet many of you in person but do know that connecting with you here, on twitter, or via instagram is such a treat.

To answer some of your questions from yesterday's news on the move ... Joe works for a multinational engineering firm so there are offices and projects all over the world. Most aren't in very exciting places so we've been lucky so far! As far as the process of moving to another country goes, we've been living light so moving this time around will be much easier - we've already pawned off some furniture, we'll donate what's left, and our essentials will be shipped courtesy of his company. I think the biggest pain will be calling all of our accounts to close them out but it'll get done with a nice cup of coffee in hand. In retrospect, leaving LA was the hardest part. The career job, my own apartment, a life's worth of "stuff", saying goodbye to family and friends. A year later, I didn't even bat an eyelash when Joe came home with the offer to move again; I was totally in and ready. Facetime and Skype is the same from anywhere in the world anyway and now my friends and family have a bigger incentive to visit us since most have never been there but were already familiar with London and Europe. We'll see how it goes!

Right now, I've got some work to wrap up before we spend the weekend in Brussels and as mentioned, I'll be off the blog next week while visiting KL. I'll be on twitter and instagram if you'd like to join me there but until I get back with details and stories to share, check out this video my friend John sent me when he heard the news. It'll definitely spur the wanderlust in you!

And last but not least, I couldn't get to mid-month without a new mixtape! This one is a departure from my first two mixes that were a groovy and mellow but I had to show some love to the more rebellious side of my music library. I love my rock'n'roll with a little metal, rough-around-the-edges vocals, and bits of punk and grass-roots honky tonk. How about you?

Click here or the sidebar player to tune in. See you in a week, enjoy!

1  - Light of the Morning   Band of Skulls 2 –  Lonely Boy  The Black Keys 3 – God Killed the Queen  Louis XIV 4 - 1st Things 1st   Phantom Planet 5 – Taper Jean Girl  Kings of Leon 6 – Ball & Biscuit   The White Stripes 7 – White Unicorn  Wolfmother 8 – Hair Down  Cold War Kids 9 – Hold On  Alabama Shakes 10 – Rumble  Link Wray

 (image: in Windsor, England)