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2011 in instagram Happy Friday, everyone! Christmas weekend (and the end of 2011) is here! It's the best time of year for many reasons but for me, it means that everything and everyone sloooowwss doowwnn.  It's when we give ourselves full permission to switch our minds and computers off and simply enjoy the people and places around us. Nothing gets done until January anyway, right?

We'll be spending the rest of the year here in jolly old London. It will be my first Christmas away from my family but I'm so excited for it to be the first with Joe (as a living-together couple, at least). We've made quite the nest here and have shared an incredible year with lots of new experiences and adventures. Thank you so much for following our shenanigans and for sharing your stories with me via comments and emails throughout the year. Even for you silent readers out there, thank you for sharing this little virtual space with me. It's pretty amazing that my personal experiences, photos, or thoughts could ever interest anyone other than my family and friends back home! I'm glad you're here and I can't wait for another year of who-knows-what.

Have a very merry Christmas and may you ring in the new year with lots of love and joy! See you in 2012!