Here we go: moved in and ready to decorate

The last three weeks looked like this: Unique LA (crazy-busy-insane)

Move into first place (crazy-busy-insane)

New addition to the family, Juliana (anxious-crazy-sleepless)

But all three were/are AMAZING! I'm beyond thrilled to be Auntie Mu :)

Move-in day was wet but with the help of the my family and Joe we moved all my things inside in less than an hour. Yeah...I just dont have that much! There were maybe ten boxes, several piles of clothes on hangers and then my mattress and desk.

It's been a slow process of unpacking and organizing everything but first thing first the closet is complete (it was within 1 hour of settling in - surprise, surprise).

Now I get to scour Craiglslist religiously for good deals on room dividers, couches, Macbook laptops...etc. My furnishing buying plan is to only buy from Craigslist, flea markets/vintage stores and if it must be new, Ikea and discount/warehouse stores.

I'm on a budget but there's now way I'm going to sacrifice style! There's so much out there that I can find and put together to make a great little space. Starting my hunt this weekend at some prop shop liquidation sales and south LA warehouses.

I'll report back any good findings so you may check them out too!