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Hi guys, how are you? It feels like I've been away for so long! We loved our holiday in Australia and for the first time in our travels, I really felt like a local rather than a tourist. Maybe it's because I was born there or because Melbourne and Sydney each have familiar qualities from London and LA that I love (like pubs and good mexican food to name a few). Or maybe it had everything to do with forgoing a traditional hotel and booking local rooms in vibrant neighborhoods like Fitzroy and Darlinghurst via Airbnb. Whatever the reason, it was awesome. Melbourne was just the artsy and indie fix that I needed since it's so hard to come by in KL, and Sydney was sort of like a walk down memory lane through my parents' stories of the places and things that were once a part of our everyday lives. Joe and I found ourselves talking about what it would take to move there, what we'd do for work, what neighborhoods we'd live in; we do that a lot with the cities we like but this time it felt more plausible. The only downside is that Australia is SO far from everywhere else in the world so we'd have to be pretty sure that our travel bugs had more than fully been satisfied. That's a tough call to make at this point but with my citizenship there it sure is nice to have the option. Thanks for that, mom and dad ;)