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The Real Tuesday Weld - I love the rain

Last night we went to our favorite  hole-in-the-wall Persian restaurant for dinner and then did our week's grocery haul. Nothing special of course but as we walked around, carried our grocery bags, and waited for the bus, it was raining and we were getting soaked. The old me would have been quick to open an umbrella or better yet, wait for a dry day to run any errands at all. The new London me, however, has no problem going out when it's wet and unless it's really pouring (or I'm having an extra good hair day) my jacket's hood does just fine to keep my dry.

As we made the last stop at our favorite baklava bakery, I giggled to myself at the thought of how normal the scenario had become. There we were, wet clothes and wet bags, hitting up our routine spots on Edgeware Road just as we would on any regular day. Heck, a maintenance guy was even squeeging the glass walls of the bus stop shelter not minding that it got spotted with rain drops immediately after! For those of you who live in places where rain/cold/winter is common then this whole posts might sounds crazy. But to those of you more accustomed to year-round sunshine and warmth, you can probably relate to the "I don't do anything when it rains" mantra.

I must be truly acclimated because don't think or say that too much these days. Then again...I've always loved the rain and for the first time in my life, I get lots of it.