marrakech bound + {brilliant beats} tune yards

la alhambra[youtube]

Tune Yards - Riot Riot

Joe took this photo during a past trip to La Alhambra in Spain but I'm hoping to see something like it this weekend when we visit Marrakech (!!!!!). I'm still pinching myself at the thought of it. Morocco has been a dream destination for as long as I can remember so when we booked the flights and riad I felt like doing this all over again. Can you believe that it's only 3.5 hours away on a direct flight from London? Absolutely insane.

Have any of you been to Marrakech or heard of any good tips for visiting, dining, and shopping? One thing I know for sure is that I'm going to be on the hunt for rugs like this or with patterns and textures like this. What would be on your shopping list? Lanterns, textiles, spices, maybe even a charmed snake?