new flat last

moving Things are really starting to get busy around here for many reasons but mainly because....drumroollllll... we've found our new flat! We put our offer in on Friday and it was accepted yesterday afternoon. I didn't mention it in the weekend post because I'm slightly superstitious that way but, YAY, it's a done deal!

After spending weeks searching online and visiting derelict flats that I wouldn't even wish upon my worst enemies, we feel so lucky to have found our new home. It has two bedrooms, it's modern, spacious, is in our current neighborhood that we love, and best of all, unfurnished!

I can't tell you how excited the word "unfurnished" makes me. The norm here is that when you rent a place, you also take whatever furniture is in it. I understand that renting is temporary and that buying furniture can be quite the expense but just because I don't own the place doesn't mean that I don't care about the environment inside of it. It is still our home.

Too many of the furnished places we saw were flat out nasty. They mainly consisted of  worn out IKEA sofas, mix-matched 90's furniture, and curtains from the 1800's. We don't need to live like college students anymore and we wont. Especially at the fancy rate these places were going for!

I was starting to worry that we may not find something that felt right but luck came to us between viewing appointments on Friday. We stopped by a new (to us) pub in the neighborhood and while we ate I decided to see if anything new had been listed online that morning. Our place came right up, I gasped in excitement, called the agent, and within twenty minutes we were checking it out and drafting the offer in our heads. It felt too good to be true.

While that feeling still sort of worries me (like, what will we learn once we're actually living there), I know that it's already a thousand times better than our current place. Why? Because it has a real working shower AND a dual temperature faucet in the bathroom sink! I think I'll have to explain our current bathroom woes in another post but for now, things are looking up!