Phoenix: Yes, the best show ever. Recap and other reviews

Seeing Phoenix Sunday night at the Wiltern was truly the most fun I have ever had at a show. I haven't danced and smiled that much at a concert since The Go Team! played the Glass House in Pomona, and that was pretty phenomenal. Phoenix's performance made me feel like I was fourteen again. The only difference this time around is that I'm obsessed with musical talent versus rock hard abs and synchronized dance moves.


LAist and LA times posted some great reviews. If you have some time, definitely read the LAist one - describes the night to a T.

Honestly, in LA these kinds of shows are rare - we're usually too cool to get up and bust a move. Everyone must have been as amped to see them as I was because the whole place was going completely insane the entire night.

They'll be back in LA in September at the Greek but I think I'd rather let this show stand on it's own for now and not mess with the perfection of it all.  I'm still glowing.