pick a card, any card

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Give someone a Moo card and you are bound to get a compliment. Be it the high quality, the smooth texture, or the many designs to choose from - they make an impression. I began using Moo in 2009 for my accessories shop after falling in love with their Mini cards. Since then I've called on Moo for holiday postcards, stickers, and most recently, The Pond Market collateral. I had been itching to get new business cards for my creative services so when Dan from Moo USA contacted me about designing my own for keeps I jumped at the opportunity! I love that with you can upload your own designs and have each card feature a different one. With that in mind I played with a few new patterns using my blog's color scheme and I'm really happy with how they turned out. So happy that I'm now itching to re-design my entire blog! I want to keep the colors but I feel like it's time for a re-fresh, especially since the launch of my print shop will be happening very very soon (!!!). I've been mulling over the idea of selling my photography for about a year now and it finally feels like the right time to go for it (that "Photography - coming soon" sidebar button that's been there since February? yeah...). New business cards have a way of making things feel extra official, exciting, and possible, don't they? :)