skipping around segovia

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I've posted so many vacation photos that I almost forgot about Segovia! During our last weekend in Madrid we opted for another day trip via high-speed train. We had planned on going to Avila but the train for Segovia left first and we figured we'd rather get somewhere sooner than later. It wasn't until we were en route that we looked up what there was to see and do in Segovia so you can imagine how satisfied we were with our last minute decision. I'd seen a piece about the city's ancient aqueduct on Rick Steves' PBS travel show (anyone else a fan?) so that was extra icing on the cake. I want to go everywhere Rick Steves goes, basically.

Segovia was beautiful and the 2,000 year old aqueduct could not have been more impressive. It's simply unreal to think of this sort of engineering being done without any modern technology, no less without any mortar - it's practically self sustaining! There was also a lot of incredible work inside the old city walls from the Segovia Cathedral (hello, 16th century) to the decorative relief-like patterns on building walls. I know that we missed seeing much much more (like this awesome building) but at least we know the city is only 30 minutes from Madrid. God I love high-speed trains, America...get with it!