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Last month I kicked off the new series Let's! with a weekend escape outfit but today it's all about the home - it's so fun to play house! I keep finding myself gravitating to clean and interesting lines and mixing them with organic elements and pops of unexpected art. The stacked cardboard lampshade and the playful PVC place settings that resemble blobs of paint (at least they do to me) couldn't be more different but I love them together. I'm so sad that I missed the place settings on sale via Presive.com but I'll find another way to get my hands on them, yes I will. And how cute is that little giraffe wine cork? It's made in South Africa which is extra special since that's where I really fell in love with them, the most majestic animals ever. Elephants and hippos more your thang? They've got you and your wine bottle covered, too.

weekend, we

Hi, how was your weekend?

I wish I could say that the grape costume pictured above was mine but I was much less ambitious dressed up as a burglar (all black? I've got that + ten pounds to buy a cheap beanie and a pair of fingerless gloves). I know, so lame but I only ever do Halloween for social purposes... I'm a total creative contradiction when it comes to this holiday for some reason. It was good fun though and I guess that's why I fall for it year after year.

The rest of the weekend was a bit of a mix, here's a peak ...

• a trip to exchange pants at Levi's turned into a shopping opportunity at Anthropologie. I'm so in love with my new cozy sweater and colorful skirt!

• we also bought this rug from Anthro since it was the cheapest 5x7 we've seen and liked enough to put in our home (extra brownie points for being re-purposed denim!). Once at our flat, we were inspired to change things up a bit so we spent some time re-arranging our furniture layout. The living room still has some way to go decor-wise but at least we've got a few simple little touches like our succulents and a vintage clock to keep us company.

• ate dinner at Wahaca, a Mexican street food restaurant chain. It was okay, but we're still on the hunt for good and simple Mexican food (we may be kidding ourselves, I know).

Arctic Monkeys concert at the O2 Arena. We had nosebleed seats but they proved to be great for watching the giant mosh pits below. It was interesting to see AEG's formula for arena centers - the O2 is practically an indoor LA Live (at Staples Center) with everything from restaurants, a smaller sister venue, and a music museum. The main difference is that this arena exists solely for performances, not for a professional sports team/league. Oh, and they heavily promote and announce public transportation options with travel updates where as in LA, they practically make half of their bread and butter from over-priced parking...I'd much rather be stuck in foot traffic! The Arctic Monkeys were great but I might have enjoyed experiencing the cultural differences a little bit more :)