{market memo} clocktower market

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Sometimes I love my flea markets big but other times small ones do just the trick. When I first learned of the Clocktower Market in Greenwich I was ecstatic to have yet another reason to head East and spend time there. Greenwich has such a charming village feel and this small but quality flea market on its High Street only adds to the area's appeal.

Not all of the stalls were filled but the vendors who were there were friendly and helpful. I always find it interesting to overhear them chatting amongst each other about how "things aren't how they used to be" and how slow business is these days. It's literally the same conversation at every flea market and antique fair that I got to. I wonder how much of it is true or if they're just trying to indirectly guilt me into buying something. Either way, I appreciate them and all of the vintage treasures they share with us day in and day out. The goods for sale were varied though I did notice that winter coats and fur hats were a major deal for obvious reasons. I, of course, ended up buying a black sequin blazer for twenty quid (that's "bucks" talk in UK English) regardless of actually needing a winter coat! What can I say, it made me feel like a disco diva and that feeling is hard to resist.

Though tempted by a pair of suitcases (DIY side table?) we left with just my blazer and a funky piece for the shop. The market was perfectly manageable and non-exhaustive which is definitely key considering that just around the corner you've got Greenwich Market, Greenwich Park, the Royal Maritime Museum, and the Observatory. Lots of fun to be had!

{show & tell} vintage finds from sunbury antiques market

vintage finds from Sunbury Antiques MarketCrown Devon espresso cup and saucer Paris-made brass buttons Dunragit Creamery stoneware jar

I'm still smiling from my trip to Sunbury Antiques Market yesterday. It was exactly what I was looking for in/around London in terms of market size, merchandise mix, and price points. I'll share more on the market experience later...today I want to give you a peek at what I brought home with me in a new blog feature I'm calling show & tell.

Now, feel free to imagine me standing in front of your second grade classroom holding up my new found treasures...

1. I've desperately been wanting a serving tray to use while lounging on our bed. We don't have a sofa so I spend A LOT more time on there than I normally would (maybe that's why I'm always so sleepy?). This Picquot serving tray is absolutely perfect. I love the texture and color combinations of the sycamore wooden handles, aluminum sides, and etch printed laminate center.   Turns out that the tray is a sibling to a Picquot kettle we bought at Camden Market (as pictured on the manufacturer's home page). I love that kettle just the same.

2. Joe likes his cup of joe (and espresso) so I bought him a swanky espresso cup with saucer by Crown Devon Fieldings of England.  Based on the style of their stamp - and a google search - I learned that this set could be from anywhere between the 1930's to the 1960's. Awesome. I love the matte look of the black paired with the gold...just can't seem to get away from this combo. I've literally been buying black and gold/brass things for years!

3.  With an eye for DIY, these brass buttons made in Paris beckoned me to think "necklace." All I need is some chain and I'll be ready to sport a new baubly accessory :)

4. We don't have many country-esque elements in our decor so I thought that this stoneware jar from Dunragit Creamery of Scottland would be an easy touch - just add some flowers and voila! A bushel of billy balls would look really nice, si?

And with that, ladies and gentlemen and fellow second graders, we wrap up our first show & tell. Did you like? Let me know what you think, your comments always make me smile!

P.S. There were more treasures that came home with me but they aren't for show and tell just yet. I promise that you'll see them soon!

{market memo} old spitalfields antique market

Last Thursday I spent the morning combing the aisles of the Old Spitalfields' antique market. I can't believe that it took me so long to get out to a London treasure trove! Perhaps Paris's Vanves Market was that good?

I really enjoyed hunting at Old Spitalfields despite it feeling more commercial than traditional markets. Well actually, the location is where markets (previously food) have been held since the 1800's. So it is traditional but today a modern shopping center surrounds the historical square.

What's nice is that the market was totally manageable in size for a morning visit. The vendors were super friendly and there was a little bit of everything for all curiosities. I was hoping for some more furniture since that's where my head is at but no such luck. I did however find some great pieces for future projects and a few knick knacks for the home like my first English tea cup!

I'll definitely go back soon and also take advantage of its proximity to the famed indie shopping street, Brick Lane. There is much to see and do in this town!

Descriptions + more photos here!

flea market sunday @ pasadena city college


Hi everyone. I hope you had a great weekend!

I spent Sunday afternoon doing what I love to do most: flea market shopping. Here's what I found...

1. tiny product samples and promotional materials from dentists to restaurants. love how they were displayed giving each piece its own space

2. bakelite bangles + green shag carpet = amazing

3. not usually into owls but the colors and texture of these really tickled my fancy

4. standard post used to be so colorful

5. how beautiful would a cluster  of wine bottles look with these glass toppers?

6. plastic wicker handbags looking mighty primp and proper

See what I bought + more finds on my flickr page.