{yes please} back to the future by irina werning

We know that when we grow up our appearances change but exactly how much? Artist Irina Werning can answer that. In her project Back to The Future, Werning took photos of people from their youth and meticulously re-created them as adults today (you must click through to see the rest, they are amazing). I would love to re-create the below photos from when I was 6, 7, or 8 years old. I actually have Ray Bans that look exactly like the sunglasses in the beach shot! While I can't re-do my blond hair or missing teeth, I could certainly find a yellow tank top and make a trip to the beach.

As you scroll down, can we please talk about how awesome my Blossom hat was? And how it was made even more incredible by pairing it with white frayed denim shorts and white leather boots? My mom kept me looking mighty fine.