i'm back and cleaning house!

The Pond Market Moving Sale Hi everyone! I missed you and the blog but I'm back for my last week in London. KL was great and we accomplished what we set out to do which was find a new apartment...I can't wait to show you photos once we move in - it's ridiculous! I'll share more details on the visit tomorrow because today is all about the moving sale happening over at The Pond Market. It's a three day sale starting today and going through Wednesday with old items discounted 50% off and newly listed pieces (like this cute little Moroccan elephant) at 30% off.

If vintage, brass, and pretty things strike your fancy, please do take a look and spread the word.  Would love for these treasures to go to happy new homes. Thanks guys!


ANAMU: Pick of the Week

Gold schmold, brass is where its at for me at the moment. It's light weight, neutral, and always gives the impression of having had it forever. I hit the jackpot of brass pendants and pieces from some closeout inventories downtown earlier this year. The dust on the boxes they came in only added to the reassurance from Jose (my fave sales guy) that they were in fact as old as they looked.

What was most exciting was that there were multiples. Prior to purchasing these I had been collecting individual brass pieces at flea markets one at a time and each one completely different from the other. While I'm looking forward to turning those into one-of-a-kind necklaces, I like that I can personally wear these while offering the same style to others who want them for themselves. It's fun to share!

This bowtie beauty is one that I can always count on to be the finishing touch to any outfit. It makes a simple statement but never goes unnoticed...a favorite "moment" was on a flight back from Vegas when a girl exclaimed "I love your necklace! It's like you're all dressed up with a girly bowtie but not really." I was wearing a v-neck white tee, cut off denim shorts, and rainbow sandals...yeah definitely not dressed up but the necklace was apparently enough to make it all a little special.

Brass as bling

It's jewelry time! Bags are nearly complete so I thought I'd give my necklaces some TLC. I really love the vintage, close-out pieces for pendants that I scored. What I don't love is how my wrist and hand pains keep getting worse. Have my second acupuncture treatment tomorrow and I'm sure a wrist brace is somewhere in my near future. Doesn't help that type like a maniac all day at work either.

No pain no gain right?