the joy of driving + {brilliant beats} althea & donna

bonne route [youtube]

Althea & Donna - Uptown Top Ranking

Since moving to London last year I've hardly spent any time in a car. I don't need to in order to get around and I love it (remember when I sold mine and opted to be car-less in LA??? I know, it's cray cray in most people's books).

However, as we drove around the Atlas Mountains in Morocco last weekend I thought back to how much I do love one aspect of driving -  the solid time for just me and my music.

I heard this song on KCRW's Eclectic 24 yesterday and instantly pictured myself driving on the 10 freeway during sunset, completely relaxed, one arm on the steering wheel, and nodding my head to the beat. Somehow listening to the same song through my earbuds on a crowded double decker bus doesn't quite have the same effect.

image: taken in the atlas mountains, morocco

marrakech bound + {brilliant beats} tune yards

la alhambra[youtube]

Tune Yards - Riot Riot

Joe took this photo during a past trip to La Alhambra in Spain but I'm hoping to see something like it this weekend when we visit Marrakech (!!!!!). I'm still pinching myself at the thought of it. Morocco has been a dream destination for as long as I can remember so when we booked the flights and riad I felt like doing this all over again. Can you believe that it's only 3.5 hours away on a direct flight from London? Absolutely insane.

Have any of you been to Marrakech or heard of any good tips for visiting, dining, and shopping? One thing I know for sure is that I'm going to be on the hunt for rugs like this or with patterns and textures like this. What would be on your shopping list? Lanterns, textiles, spices, maybe even a charmed snake?

the pub life + {brilliant beats} cold war kids


With Joe being gone most of the week on business, I'm thinking he may want to take some time this weekend to hang out at one of our favorite pubs. I've really come to love their no-frills, come as you are ambiance/attitude and in some cases, their excellent playlists. Give me a song from one of my favorite albums, pair it with a good drink and you've got yourself one happy girl.

cassettes aren't dead + {brilliant beats} dragonette


How could a door covered with cassettes and a "sold here" sign not catch my attention? Unfortunately the store/recording studio(?) in Shoreditch wasn't open but I love that they're keeping the cassette alive. I have such fond memories of standing by the radio all day with the "pause" and "record" buttons pushed down, ready to capture my favorite songs for the ultimate mix-tape. This fave from Dragonette may have missed the cassette-age but it still feels like a flashback a good way, of course.

christmas prep + {brilliant beats} she & him

peek at christmas diy[youtube]

The Christmas Waltz - She & Him

Ah, the holiday season is officially here and thanks to this provoking article I'm now tuned in to the musical side of the celebration as well. The new She & Him Christmas album will certainly keep me company as I play with little DIY projects for the home. Above is a peek at one I did earlier this week - it's amazing how useful dry-cleaner clothes hangers can be.

getting away + {brilliant beats} kings of convenience


Kings of Convenience - Live Long

We start our weekend tomorrow and head out for our first countryside retreat (so excited!). First we'll take a train and then we'll get behind the wheel and drive the rest of the way to the B&B. Things have been pretty busy around here so we're very much looking forward to taking a short and quiet break. This song will definitely be on our road trip playlist - it's always so soothing.

photo + {brilliant beats} metronomy

IMG_6263[youtube] Metronomy - The Look

The latest from Metronomy makes me think of our sunset walk along the canal last weekend. I loved coming across the silhouette of this tree next to the stark black pipe.

After posting last week's brilliant beats with just the song and photos (sans video), I think that I'm going to keep going in that direction. I got the idea to shrink the YouTube video window via Old Brand New so thank you, Dabito! He calls himself a "vintage vulture" and posts great fleeting moments photos like the one above.  Check him out here.