{about town} pomp and circumstance at buckingham palace

changing of the guardchanging of the guard changing of the guard changing of the guard changing of the guard changing of the guard changing of the guard

Call it blasphemy but I think the whole thing is silly. I get the tradition and the history but the entire pomp and circumstance of the Changing Of The Guard seems completely unnecessary these days. Well, actually it's completely necessary for attracting tourist like us who pour billions of pounds into the English economy every year.

While I did enjoy seeing the ceremony and thinking back to when the Queen actually needed to be guarded in such a manor, I couldn't help but think that I was watching a Civil War re-enactment or something like that. I mean, why not just hire actors to do all of this instead of using actual trained soldiers who could probably be more useful somewhere else? We all know that it's a dog and pony show for tourist any way - the band played a theme song from James Bond for crying out loud!

My mom said that the Queen should come out on the balcony and wave because "its the least she could do" (I love my mom). Her comment proved what an attraction the entire royal family has become, a living museum basically. I know that I don't know all of the facts and that there are some English Royalist (royal supporters) who would have my head after reading this but hey, it's just me as an outsider looking in.