a walk in the park

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Happy Friday, guys! Did you know that Bangkok has a giant park in its city center? It was a nice surprise during our visit last week. Our awesome little hotel was just up the street from Lumphini Park so we took a morning stroll through it on the way to the metro station. There were school groups playing games on the basketball court, three old couples dancing to swing music underneath a giant tree, and plenty of locals getting in their tai-chi exercises for the day. It definitely felt like a proper civic park.

Aside from people watching, a few colors, patterns, and textures caught my attention. Particularly a large type of palm tree that was unlike any I had ever seen. It looked like the palm fronds were cut off as it grew, leaving sturdy slanted stumps begging to be climbed. And yes, I did climb one. Just a few feet up (ssshhh)!

If you can this weekend, do take some time to go for a walk and see what you see. I had forgotten how much I enjoyed doing that.

Something I can't forget - announcing a winner for the Gin & Jacqie Love Malaysia Collection giveaway! Congrats to Alicia - you're the lucky pick! Please keep a lookout for an email with details.

I'll be Instagraming (and blogging) from Rio next week...hopefully I'll have some news to share after that trip. Have a good one!


{happy friday} pic & pin

friday pic & pin 5 Heellooooo weekend and hello pool time. We've been having extremely warm weather in KL (according to locals, I still can't tell the difference) so I'm only more justified in lusting over a wardrobe full of easy-to-wear dresses. This graphic seascape one caught my attention with its muted colors and dreamy print. It looks like the designer used an actual photograph and I absolutely love the idea of turning one art form into another. Does anyone know of a company that takes your photographs/designs and turns them into ready-to-wear garments? Or at least prints the fabric? If either of those don't exist then someone please do it, get a Kickstarter campaign going and I will back that thang UP! Seriously, please, someone do it.

As for the weekend, we don't have any plans and that in itself is worth looking forward to...

I hope you have a good one!

This week's three rad links...

• lisa followed me on Instagram and i checked out her site - SO impressed with her creative self-portraits!

• and I'm really impressed with these magic fingers via Eco Salon

• now here's something closer to my creative abilities: a jersey weave sweater DIY via The Forge. great concept for using fabric scraps, too!

And one more thing, if you're in London, do check out this crafting and shopping event hosted by Papermash. Lynne, shop founder and owner, asked me to design the invite and I had so much fun doing it, just wish I could attend!

(image left:  Penang waterfront by Ana Maria Muñoz, right: Pin via Les Nouvelles)

color, patterns, and textures - oh my!

marrakech marrakechmarrakech marrakech marrakech marrakech marrakech marrakech marrakech marrakech marrakech marrakech marrakech marrakech marrakechmarrakech marrakechmarrakech

When you're not busy dodging motorcycles and donkeys there are plenty of design details to catch your attention in Marrakech's Medina. I was fascinated by the intricate carvings on both wood and stone, the pretty pastels of the buildings, the bright bold colors in the souks, and the rough and smooth texture pairings on the walls. I peeked into a few craftsman workshops near our riad to see how they use stencils to carve the repeating designs - what a work of art!

Any design details or colors catch your eye?