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words worth repeating 34 by ana maria munoz--anamu No one is upset around here (and I hope you aren't either) but it's often too easy to take what we have for granted. With Thanksgiving happening in the States tomorrow let's all take a minute to give thanks for all of the good people and things in our lives. Because really, when it's all boiled down to the basics there is lots to be thankful for. Happy Thanksgiving, America!

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Quote 10 This one goes out to my beautiful family who has always shown me that it's never too early or too late to try something new. We're each going through our own unique "re-births", if you will, and I'm so proud to watch them go for new experiments and incredibly thankful for the support they send back my way.

If you're currently experimenting with any new ideas, ventures, or just toying with the possibilities, keep at it because honestly - who ever really knows what they're doing? It's all trial and error so you might as well push through until something clicks.


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Quote 8

Taking a style cue from this weekend's movie Helvetica, today's quote is from good ol' Abe. I love this one because it's so easy to measure everything (happiness, success, failures, relationships, wisdom, etc) by the number of years we've been at it. When really, life is so much more than counting numbers. If anything should be counted it's the lessons learned, time spent with loved ones, struggles that made you grow and moments that made you smile. So on that note, cheers to living in London for one year!

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Quote 6

A nice reminder to let go, be silly, and even give into triple-dog-dares once in a while. I know I sure could use a bit more foolishness in my life - can't always let being an adult get in the way of having fun :)

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words worth repeating

quote 1 On Monday I mentioned the launch of my new blog project, Howdy Day!, so today I thought I'd give it a proper introduction via a new weekly post, words worth repeating.

I love inspirational and motivational quotes, I think many people do. So one day when I got really tired of my web browser opening up to the latest (and saddest) news of the day I thought man, I just really want to see something positive first thing in the morning. I searched for sites that focused on positive news but only found wonky pages with even wonkier stories (local firemen saving a cat can only be so interesting). I then turned my attention to inspirational quote sites and ugh...there are so many with too too much clutter. Design-wise, most of them seem to be stuck in the eras of many of the quotes they reference. I wanted to be inspired by words, not be turned off by bad websites at 7am. I wanted something simple, clean, and to the point.

Howdy Day! is just that: one daily quote on a page, quick and simple. I have it set as my browser's homepage and it makes a world of difference to see something positive or personally thought provoking as soon as I get online. I eventually read the news but it no longer sets the tone for my morning and I've said goodbye to the default Google homepage. Google always wanted something from me right away (search me! click today's theme logo for a video!). A simple daily quote just says "welcome to your day, make it a good one"... at least it does for me and I hope it does the same for you. I will bring some of the wise words shared on Howdy Day! to this blog once per week in a designed format. This post and design has been very popular so I'm thinking you may not hate seeing a bit more of its kind around here :)

I'd love for Howdy Day! to be a collaborative blog so if you have any favorite quotes that you'd like to share, you can submit them here. To get your daily dose you can subscribe via email, RSS, or do as I do and set Howdy Day! as your default homepage. Okay, now go get inspired and motivated for a great day...

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