words worth repeating / 12

Quote 12 I've been feeling really inspired by the native plants and trees of the city as well as the incredibly awesome thunderstorms that keep it all lush.  Definitely a nice reminder of nature's dance and her way of keeping things in balance. Let's dance it out, shall we?


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happy friday!

Let's dance our way into the weekend, shall we? This was a fun one to come across while checking out shops at the OXO building along the Thames. I love me a beautiful brick wall with the added texture of paint layers from long-ago.

Speaking of old things (how unusual, right?) Joe and I are going to attend a mid-century modern furnishings show on Sunday. Cross your fingers that we at least find a nightstand for our bedroom. Would be nice to finally get rid of the cardboard box thing we've got going on...

So for this weekend: dance, smile, sing, skip... do whatever it is that brings joy to your day. Have a good one!